Mario Plush Toys

In my opinion, the Mario Plush Toys are simply adorable.  Even Bowser is adorable.  In the plush toy area, we can find all kinds of  Super Mario Bros toys, especially  Mario and Luigi Toys (maybe because they are the most…

Super Mario Toys

Buying Super mario toys. For mario fanatics, there can’t be a better gift than one or several super mario toys. This is good news because super mario toys come in all ranges of prices. And they become cuter and cuter every season.

Collecting Mario Action Figures

Collecting Mario Action Figures can also be a economic rewarding activity. By now, it should be clear what a world wide social impact Mario Action Figures is. Mario is a character loved by everybody, it is possible to see pictures and images made by simple people everywhere from third world streets selling t-shirts with Mario images to proud mom’s refrigerators full of Mario drawings.

Collecting Mario Toys as a Hobby

Mario toys is a hobby that can become a lifetime one. For many, collecting mario toys starts at young ages, maybe with fast food chains toys. With time, more knowledge and more money are added to the hobby. The fact is that collecting Mario toys can become as formal as a real business, much like antiques and philately. And, just as antiques and philately, collecting Mario toys requires the same passion.

Super Mario Toys Figures

Super Mario Toys Figures are so cool! When we think of a mario figure, many images comes to our minds. Maybe the first mario figure we saw, or maybe the last one we saw. The latest mario figure in a game or the last mario toy we bought. There are classic images and “artistic” representations. The truth is that, when a character become as famous as Mario, there will be thousands or millions of versions of a mario figure.